Gehlot, who beats BJP every time, understands these reasons from the special, 6 points of the Congress high command

Jaipur: The market of discussions is hot regarding the issue of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot becoming the National President of Congress. The CM himself has also indicated that he will take his next step as per the order given by the party high command. It can be understood that on Tuesday night, he had said in the legislature party meeting that he is going to convince Rahul Gandhi for the last time. If they do not obey, then I will give you trouble for the order of the high command. It is noteworthy that the names of only two leaders Shashi Tharoor and Ashok Gehlot are coming out for the election of Congress President. Among them, Ashok Gehlot’s claim is considered to be the most powerful that a major reason for this is being told that Sonia Gandhi herself has proposed the post of president in front of him. According to media reports, before going abroad recently, Sonia Gandhi had proposed to Gehlot to take over as the president citing her health. However, Gehlot is still adamant that he should take over the chair of Rahul Gandhi’s post. Well, in the midst of all this, the question is important that in the end, how did Ashok Gehlot become the first choice of Gandhi family….

Ashok Gehlot specializes in taking everyone along
Ashok Gehlot is such a leader of Congress who has good relations with all senior Congress leaders of the country. Since Gehlot has been in the politics of the Center since the time of Indira Gandhi. He has a mingling with all the leaders he meets from the Gandhi family. Gehlot never did politics of regionalism and casteism. He never did politics of any particular religion. He is a leader who takes everyone along. There will hardly be any leader among the senior Congress leaders who does not have a good rapport with Ashok Gehlot. This is the reason why the high command is placing maximum trust in Gehlot.

Ashok Gehlot surrounds the central government with logic
Ashok Gehlot is the leading Congress leader of the country among the leaders who exposed the central government. Although all the leaders of the opposition remain attackers on the BJP and the central government, but Ashok Gehlot gives such arguments, which the BJP leaders do not have the answer to. Gehlot always puts BJP in the dock because of the history of the working of RSS. Gehlot continues to surround the BJP by repeatedly mentioning the ban and apology due to the activities of the RSS. He also knows very well to explain the difference between the words and deeds of the BJP by reminding Modi of his statements of ten years ago.

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Ashok Gehlot is a visionary and experienced leader
Like many senior Congress leaders, Ashok Gehlot has also been in politics for 40 years but Gehlot is different from other leaders due to his visionary thinking. Ashok Gehlot already senses the political moves of various parties and leaders. Ashok Gehlot is also expert in breaking every strategy of the opposition party. Apart from being an experienced leader, he is a visionary leader. Sometimes the Congress high command also takes important decisions only after discussing with Gehlot.

Ashok Gehlot has proved to be an expert in saving the government
In the last few years, many state governments faced crises and some states lost power. Ashok Gehlot is such a leader who averted a major political crisis in Rajasthan. Not only did the crisis averted, but had created such situations, even if the leaders showing rebellious attitude had not reconciled, Gehlot would have saved the government. There are also discussions that when 19 Congress MLAs showed their attitude, Gehlot had made many BJP MLAs on his side.

As per its strategy during the political crisis, the BJP was preparing to take some of its MLAs for a tour of South India. Two helicopters had also arrived at Jaipur airport, but the BJP leaders who were to go to South India did not reach the airport. Gehlot’s strategy is being told behind this development.

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Ashok Gehlot is also at the fore in the works of public welfare
In fact, all the state governments work for the welfare of the people during their tenure. Efforts are made to provide every facility to the public through government schemes, but Gehlot’s vision is appreciated by everyone all over the country. What is government and what is bureaucracy. Gehlot’s visionary thinking has no match.

On becoming the Chief Minister for the first time, Gehlot innovated in the field of health by bringing a free medicine scheme. This scheme became an example across the country and Gehlot directly connected with the public through it. After this, free testing was also added along with free medicine. Rajasthan is the first state to provide free treatment up to Rs 10 lakh. Also took a big step like re-implementing the old pension scheme. After this step of Gehlot, it is being demanded in many states. Many Chief Ministers keep discussing about it every now and then. Apart from this, there are many such government schemes which have proved to be an example for many states of the country.
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No one trustworthy than Gehlot as a consultant
Ashok Gehlot, who has done politics since the time of late Indira Gandhi, has a long political experience. Due to this experience, he has been one of the closest leaders of the Gandhi family. He is one of the key advisors to Sonia Gandhi after the assassination of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Although they always describe Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi as brilliant themselves, but Rahul and Priyanka also get political dose from Gehlot. Many times a situation of confusion arises on the speech of Rahul Gandhi, then Gehlot explains its reality. There is an attempt to cross the sinking boat by making Ashok Gehlot, who is called the magician of politics, the head of the party. Hope Gehlot will be successful in this.
Report – Ramswaroop Lamoror

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