How Announcement Of A Country Take Place This Question Arising After Announcements Of Vladimir Putin | Annexation: Question arising after Putin’s announcement

How Annexation Of A Country Take Place: Referendum will start in these regions from tomorrow (23 September) to merge Ukraine’s Luhansk and Donetsk in Russia, which will last till 27 September. Separatist leaders and officials of these areas are going to hold this referendum, which is supported by the Russian government. A referendum may start from tomorrow to make Kherson of Ukraine also a part of Russia. At the same time, there is also a demand to hold a referendum on Zaporizhia, because it is partially occupied by the Russian Army.

On Tuesday, Ukraine vowed to end Russian threats after separatist leaders announced a decision to hold referendums on Luhansk and Donetsk. Ukrainian Presidency Chief of Staff Andrey Yermak said, “Ukraine will solve Russia’s problem.” Danger can be eliminated only by force.

Annexation of Ukrainian parts to Russia could see a major military conflict in the coming days, as Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a mobilization campaign to gain dominance over Ukraine, through which those people would be recruited into the army. , who have taken its training. Putin’s goal is to recruit three lakh such people into the army. After this announcement of Putin, the question is arising that how does a country merge another country with itself?

How does one country integrate the other?

There is no international law available to merge one country with another. Usually annexation law is implemented for this. In simple language, it can be called merger law. An annexation is called a one-way action. To merge one place with another, either a treaty is made or it is captured by military force. Referendum can be included in this process. An annexation is validated by a general acknowledgment.

An official announcement is made after the annexation. It says that sovereign authority over the state has been established and will be maintained in the future. Israel had made such an announcement in 1981 after annexing the Golan Heights. Similarly, Russia made the same announcement in 2014 after annexing Crimea.

What does the United Nations say about annexation?

The Charter of the United Nations condemns forced annexations. The formalities of annexation are not defined by international law. Michael Link, the UN special envoy on the human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territory since 1967, said that international law is very clear – the UN Charter forbids annexation and subjugation of the region.

International humanitarian law is also clear about annexation. According to international humanitarian law, when a country annexes another country, its people cannot be deprived of the benefits of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

What does the Fourth Geneva Convention say?

Citizens of armed conflict and occupied territories are protected by articles 159 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. It seeks to protect citizens from murder, torture, cruelty and discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, nationality or political opinion.

What is International Humanitarian Law?

International humanitarian law is also known as the law of war and the law of armed conflict. A large part of international humanitarian law came from the four Geneva Conventions of 1949, which have been adopted by all countries.

This law is a set of rules, which seeks to limit the effects of armed conflict in the name of humanity. It protects those who have not or are not taking part in the fighting. This law says that there is a difference between civilians and combatants. According to this law, citizens cannot be caused unnecessary suffering. International humanitarian law restricts the means and methods of war.

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