Rajasthan minister Rajendra Gudha again in discussion, gave shocking statement regarding the post of CM

Jaipur: Rajendra Singh Gudha, who joined Congress after winning the election on BSP ticket, is always in discussions about his statements. These days discussions are taking place in the politics of Rajasthan regarding the future Chief Minister. When the Minister of State for Sainik Welfare, Rajendra Singh Gudha was talked about this, his tone was changed. Recently, in the state Congress office, Gudha had said that we are not the people of Congress culture. We fight elections with BSP and after winning elections we join Congress. We do not understand the ideology of Congress. On Thursday, 22 September, Gudha’s attitude was seen to be loose. They said that we accept the decision of the Congress high command, whoever makes the high command the chief minister of Rajasthan, we accept it.

Gudha, who has joined Congress twice after winning the election on BSP ticket
Rajendra Singh Gudha comes from Udaipurwati assembly. Congress does not give him the ticket for the assembly elections. Gudha joins the BSP at the time of elections. Behen contests on the ticket of Mayawati’s party and after winning the election joins Congress. This has happened twice. During the tenure of 2008 to 2013, when Ashok Gehlot became the Chief Minister, all BSP MLAs including Rajendra Singh Gudha had joined the Congress. This time in the 2018 assembly elections also, 6 MLAs including Rajendra Singh Gudha won the election on the banner of BSP. Two years ago all these 6 MLAs joined the Congress. Rajendra Singh Gudha has said that Congress does not give us tickets. That’s why we fight elections by bringing BSP ticket. After winning, he joins Congress.

Now Rajendra Singh Gudha is giving a very precise answer.
Soon after Ashok Gehlot’s name was finalized as the National President of Congress, Rajendra Gudha’s attitude softened. By the way, Gudha always keeps making statements in an aggressive manner, taunting the government and the party. On Thursday, 22 September, he answered the questions of the media in a simple manner. When asked a question related to the future Chief Minister of the state, Gudha said that he accepts the decision of the high command. Gudha even said that even if the high command makes Bharosilal Jatav the chief minister, we will have the support of 6 MLAs. Gudha is talking about the support of the same 6 MLAs who have come to the Congress after winning the election on BSP ticket.

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Next time the hope of ticket, that’s why Rajendra Singh Gudha fell soft
Ashok Gehlot is the reason behind Rajendra Singh Gudha’s slackness. Since now Ashok Gehlot is going to become the National President of Congress. Gehlot will play a key role in all the big decisions of the Congress. Rajendra Singh Gudha’s attitude has changed in the hope of ticket in the upcoming assembly elections. They know that Ashok Gehlot will do the ticket distribution. In the past too, the party had not given ticket at the time of assembly elections, despite leaving the BSP and joining the Congress. If there is still a sharp attitude, then it is possible that the party may cut the ticket in the elections to be held next year also. In such a situation, Rajendra Singh Gudha has now started giving a thoughtful statement. Along with him, 5 other MLAs are also expected that Congress will give them tickets in the assembly elections to be held in 2023.

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