Seeing this picture of Rahul-Sachin, people remembered Rajiv Gandhi and Rajesh Pilot’s friendship

Jaipur: In the country’s politics in the 80s, the pair of two young leaders was very popular. The pair was Rajiv Gandhi and Rajesh Pilot. It is said that Rajesh Pilot entered politics only at the behest of Rajiv Gandhi. He contested the first election, the Lok Sabha election from Bharatpur and won. After this he was elected MP from Dausa for five consecutive terms. Rajesh Pilot died in a road accident in Dausa. After that his wife Rama Pilot and Sachin Pilot became MPs from Dausa Lok Sabha seat. After the pairing of Rajesh Pilot and Rajiv Gandhi, now the pair of Rahul Gandhi and Sachin Pilot is also being seen in the same form. The picture of both the couples is going viral on social media. Rahul Sachin’s photo is from Wednesday. Sachin Pilot had reached Kerala yesterday and went on a ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ with Rahul Gandhi step by step.

Photo of Rajiv Gandhi-Rajesh Pilot and Rahul-Sachin goes viral
Actually, Rahul Gandhi and Sachin Pilot can be seen together on many political fronts. This photo is becoming fiercely viral on social media after Rahul Gandhi indicated that Ashok Gehlot should quit the post of Chief Minister. In this photo, on one side are former Prime Ministers Late Rajiv Gandhi and Rajesh Pilot, while on the other side are Rahul Gandhi and Sachin Pilot. This photo is being liked on all social media platforms. The photo is being described as past and present. It is seen in the photo that Rajesh Pilot is running on the right hand site of Rajiv Gandhi. At the same time, in the photo of the current Rahul and Sachin, there is Sachin Pilot on the right side of Rahul Gandhi. Everyone’s walking style is seen in both the pictures.

Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi (left) releases a souvenir to mark the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI), in Bombay on October 4, 1986. He is accompanied by (from left) Union Minister of State for Surface Transport Rajesh Pilot, Transport Secretary PP Nayar and FCI Chairman LMS Rajwar.

Now the pairing of Sachin Pilot and Rahul Gandhi
It is believed that after the behest of Rahul Gandhi, it is believed that after becoming the national president, Ashok Gehlot will have to relinquish the post of Chief Minister. Now in the race for the new Chief Minister of Rajasthan, the name of Sachin Pilot is running on the top. Although some media houses are also mentioning the names of other senior leaders of Rajasthan, but Sachin Pilot’s name is at the top of them all. Pilot is a good friend of Rahul Gandhi. He has great tuning with Priyanka Gandhi as well. Sachin Pilot’s name is included in the most loyal leaders of the Gandhi family. This is the reason that when elections are held in any state of the country, pilots are in the role of star campaigners. It is believed that youth icon Sachin Pilot is going to take over the chief minister’s chair in Rajasthan in the coming days.

Rahul Gandhi can give a gift to the son of a dear friend of his father
After coming to the trend of this photo, the way for Sachin to become the Chief Minister seems to be clear. It is being said that the face of the Chief Minister of Rajasthan is being sought, so how can Rahul Gandhi forget this friendship. There is a discussion in the political circles that Rahul Gandhi can give a great gift of friendship to his dear friend Sachin Pilot, remembering his father’s dear friend Rajesh Pilot. (Report – Ramswaroop Lamorar, Jaipur)

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